Pediatric ENT

The ear, nose and throat disorders that affect children encompass a wide range of conditions. Some of the more common ones include ear infections, tonsillitis, dizziness and balance problems, sinus infections and allergies. Our professional staff includes board certified otolaryngologists trained in the diagnosis and treatment of the full spectrum of pediatric ENT disorders..

Pediatric Sinus & Allergy

Allergy and sinus conditions are common in children, whose sinuses continue to develop well into the teen years. Allergy and sinus symptoms are similar, making a proper diagnosis a bit challenging. An ENT specialist can recommend diagnostic testing to help pinpoint the cause of what is ailing your child.

Sinus & Allergy

Additional Pediatric Services

Few things are more upsetting to parents than watching their children suffer from the pain and misery associated with illnesses and diseases. This is why we offer a variety of additional services that provide preventative care and diagnostic testing.

Additional Services

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